The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

The wooden dummy is a Wing Chun (Kung Fu) training tool. The dummy is a training partner who is available to train 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!. There are  three arms and a leg attached to a solid body which is usually made from solid wood.


The body is usually mounted on a frame and this gives the dummy a slight spring when pushed.

Wooden Dummy

The three arms represent different angles from which attacks or punches can come from. There are known to be 108 moves in the wing chun dummy form. The dummy form is a collection of techniques which can be used with the wooden dummy in order to train hand and foot techniques. The dummy form is particularly useful for moving around the opponent.


A ‘form’ is simply a set of movements designed to help the martial arts practitioner better understand the system. In Karate they are called ‘Kata’ and in Tae Kwon Do they are known as ‘patterns’.

The Wing Chun system has 3 hand forms, the knife form, dummy form and finally the pole form.

Immortal Wing Chun Wooden Dummy


The Wooden dummy form has 8 sections which involve stepping around the dummy leg in combination with hand techniques. The Chinese name for the wooden dummy is Muk Yan Jong and the wooden dummy form is known as Muk Yan Jong Fat, or ‘wooden dummy technique’.

Practicing the wooden dummy form without the dummy is known as ‘Mo Jong’, or ‘no dummy’.

Sil Lim Tao is the first hand form of the Wing Chun system and is done without any movement of the body except for one arm at a time. Throughout the entire form the legs are in the basic stance, known as Yee Gee Kim Yeun Mar, or character two adduction stance/ goat grabbing stance.


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