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Wing Chun Dummy For Sale

Finding a Wing Chun Dummy for sale which is cheap and conveniently located nearby can take some time but its worth the effort if you are looking for a 24 hour training buddy who never sleeps!

I recently found a fantastic dummy on Ebay which I managed to get delivered for around £50. Here is a picture of it:

Wooden Man For Sale

This dummy was originally from Pagoda stores but was being reluctantly sold on ebay for £200 less than its original price of £495! Here is a picture of the original dummy as advertised on Pagoda:

Wooden Man For Sale

The leg had been cut so was slightly shorter than pictured and I managed to get a stand made for it so I didn’t have to wall mount it.

Wooden Man For Sale

If you are looking for a bargain wooden man for sale try looking on Ebay. Use the advanced search tool to look for ‘wooden dummy’ for sale, ‘wing chun dummy’ or ‘wooden man’ for sale in your area. You can also set up email alerts direct to your email address which will notify of you of local wooden dummies for sale once they are listed and meet your price and location criteria.

If price is not as important as convenience you can have wooden dummies delivered directly to your door.

Bargain Wing Chun Dummy For Sale

You can also find a bargain wooden man for sale by using Gumtree to search in your area for ‘wooden dummy’. If you are good with wood consider building your own wooden dummy or finding a wooden dummy body and just making the arms yourself. There are often half completed wooden dummies on Ebay which, with a small amount of work can save you quite a bit on a new wooden dummy. You can sometimes buy wooden dummy arms from ebay too, or if you cannot find any, simply set up an email alert to notify you when any are listed.

Finding a wooden dummy on ebay

Checkout wooden dummies for sale on ebay and refine the search according to how far you are prepared to travel. Some sellers will offer delivery but mostly they are listed as collection only. Remember that the dummy is heavy so it is a good idea to bring someone with you to help to carry it to and from your car. Check that the wooden man will fit into your car before buying it and if there is some interest in the dummy don’t get into a bidding war and make sure you use auction sniper to get the best possible bid!: - Powerful eBay <a target='blank' href=''>Listing Services</a>
Powerful eBay Listing Services


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