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Promoting Your Martial Arts School

For some reason school owners can be a bit funny about promoting their martial arts schools. Whether it is a matter of modesty or principle, it can work against you when you are trying to build your school. I had some issues with building up my school. I didn’t advertise and then when I did, I did it in the wrong way.

It wasn’t until I decided to take myself and my school seriously did things really change for me. I was carrying around a lot of psychological burdens in my head. I didn’t believe in myself and somehow felt inadequate. I was wrestling with many conflicts which prevented me from fully promoting my school. I felt guilty about making money from my school as if it was somehow wrong to do.

Promoting Your Martial Arts School – Ethos

There’s an ethos that martial arts should be affordable and available to everyone. I agree. When money gets involved everything becomes more difficult in many way. But on the flip side of the argument, unless you make money to support your school and yourself, there will be no school anyway. It was this conclusion which led me to change my attitude towards myself, my school and making money from teaching martial arts. I was in my late 30’s anyway and was broke. If my school didn’t work, I wasn’t going to keep hitting my head against a brick wall, I was going to throw it all in.

Advertising Your Martial Arts School – Mindset

Unless you get it right in your head, there will always be a grain of doubt sabotaging your best efforts. You need to believe in your school and what you are doing. Otherwise you will be uncertain and crumble further down the line anyway. Once you make the decision to commit, you can take appropriate action.

Until you do this you will always be wavering. Commitment to a certain course of action negates a lot of other possibilities. You will have to forgo any other career, or opportunity which conflicts with running a martial arts school. Of course you can still run a part time school and have a job. If you do this you are already compromising. But committing to a full time school carries a lot of responsibility. With this should come a proper wage too, if you are doing it for the long term. Unless you are alright with this, in every part of your being, there may be difficulties ahead.

Once You Are Clear

Once you are clear in your intention for your school everything else becomes much easier. Until this point you can always change your mind, take a step back or even give up. But when you commit and decide what you want your school to be, you are in the driving seat. You should definitely start to advertise your school. But before you do have a look at your business model. Do you have a good record for longevity in your students or have you got a retention problem?

Retention Of Students

Before you spend money getting people through the door you should make sure people are staying. Of course the two issues are linked. Without a growing student base, more people leave. Retention is important because otherwise the students that you worked so hard to get into your school can simply leave.

Advertising Your School

You should do direct response advertising for your school. Direct response marketing means you can measure the response to your advertising methods. With modern advertising methods too, you can very specifically target your local area. Facebook advertising and Google Adwords both let you target your advertising specifically to the local area.

You can even specify how far around your business you want your advertising to reach. Targeting advertising to age range and by interests can also allow you to lower your costs and increase your conversion rate while testing and measuring. Once a ‘winning’ advert is found you can scale up by increasing your daily budget. All this can be done from a tiny budget which you can set and limit according to your needs. Learn more here at Martial Arts Marketing 101.

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